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Rheem Tankless Hot Water with Culligan Water Filtration

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TGP pre-assembled $3,995 for hot water crossover circulation 

TGD pre-assembled $4,295 for dedicated hot water circulation

Tankless Guru pre-assembly

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tankless guru 5-year parts and labor warranty

Our exclusive 5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty covers the Rheem/Culligan tankless Pre-Assembled package only. This warranty covers all components, under normal operating conditions, included in the Rheem/Culligan tankless package, like the RTGH-95DVLN-2, service valves, piping, PVC venting, connectors and valves. Our warranty does not include the filter cartridge, it does cover the filter housing only if the filter cartridge is replaced by a Tankless Guru technician.

Our warranty does not include components freeze damage, pan drain freezing, power failure damage or any customer caused damaged. Also, does not include any piping connected to the Pre-Assembly, existing metal leaking roof vent. High water pressure damage, any water pressure over 85psi.

This warranty works in conjunction with Rheem tankless warranty. See link below for further information.

Note: The Rheem circulation system does not work as well in homes with tree and branch style plumbing design, which is found in about 1% of the homes.  

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typical crossover hot water circulation install

typical dedicated hot water circulation install

Why purchase a Tankless Guru Hot water system

Advantages of purchasing a

Tankless Guru

Pre-Assembly system.

Tank water heaters

  1. A tank water heater burns large quantities of gas 24/7.
  2. Each tank heater is built with a steel tank which has a short service life of 8 to 10 years.
  3. Tank heaters will rust from the inside out. It can flood your home with 100s of gallons of water and will not stop flooding until the main water supply is shut off.
  4. Tank heater can emit deadly carbon dioxide exhaust fumes, due to poor exhausting vent installation.
  5. During a tanks' life, it will collect between 7 and 12 lbs. of toxic material, in its bottom that cannot be removed by flushing yearly.
  6. Current cost to replace one 50-gallon tank heater ranges $1,599 - $2,730 (May 2022 HomeAdvisor) averages $2,215 x 2 tanks $4,429.

Our Pre-Assembly Rheem/Culligan Tankless Hot Water Heater

  1. A Rheem tankless water heater run only when needed and burns ½ the gas of a tank heater.
  2. Our Rheem/Culligan tankless system with circ. pump will save approx. 12,000 gallons of water per year.
  3. Our Rheem tankless is constructed of all copper and can not rust. If a leak occurs, it has an automatic water shut-off valve, built-in.
  4. Rheem’s tankless is designed with a powered exhaust vent forcing exhaust fumes outside.
  5. The Rheem tankless heater only has 1 gallon of water inside.
  6. Our Culligan system has 30,000 water filter, protecting you and the tankless unit from toxic sediment suspended in the water.
  7. Average life of Our Pre-Assembly Rheem/Culligan tankless system is up to 20-years.
  8. With the Tankless Guru 5-year parts and labor warranty total your expenditure of $3,995. is only $66. per month.  ($3,995. / 60 months = $66.).
  9. Tankless Guru is the only company that Pre-Assembles each component. needed to make a perfect installation in your home.
  10. No more annual system flush.

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  • A typical 50-gallon hot water tank heater, is only 38 to 50 percent efficient and will last only 8 to 10 years. Produces only 35 gallons of hot water.

  • Also, your hot water tank collects 8 to 10 lbs of sediment and toxins , which  you bathe in everyday and do not drink hot water from a tank heater...

This picture taken with a scope camera from inside a 7-year-old hot water tank heater.  You are looking at a buildup of calcium and other toxicants that you bathe in daily.

With our Pre-Assembly Rheem/Culligan tankless
hot water system
this will not happen. 

cost to replace two 50-gallon tanks

Typical cost to replace

(2) 50-gallon hot water tanks is

$2,450 to $2,950.


Battery Backup requirments

If you decide to purchase a Battery Back-Up, below specs. meets our requirements.

850VA/500W 120V, LCD Monitoring Screen, Standby Power, 8 Outlets, USB Charging, 3 Year Warranty, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Battery Backup with Surge Protection(PST5-850MT120)

Under normal conditions it will supply backup power to one Rheem tankless unit during home power failure. (note it will not run the circulation pump)

(1) It will give you 6 hours in standby mode. (tankless unit not being used)

(2) It will give you 1 hour of showering time.

(3) If the outside temperature dips below 30 degrees and your power goes out, in your home, the internal tankless heaters will activate. This UPS will supply enough power to protect the tankless unit for about 15-minute, that's enough time to shut down tankless unit and drain the water.


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